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Highland Experimental Farm N.T.U.


Topography and Terrain

NTUHEF situates in Central Taiwan’s mountain ranges between 900 m and 2,700 m altitude. With a total acreage of 1,092 ha, the Experiment Farm is constituted of three separate territories: the Truwan Sanctuary, the Chun-Yang Farm, and the Mei-Feng headquarter.mffarm

。Truwan Sanctuary is located in Truwan on the southern bank of Thuoshuei River and adjacent to Wan-Da Reservoir. The sanctuary covers a 397.6 ha, south facing, 10 to 25-degree slope hill site elevating from 900 m altitude to 1,800 m altitude. The entire sanctuary is occupied by primary forests.

。Chun-Yang Farm is situated on the northern bank of Thuoshuei River near Chun-Yang Village. The farm covers a 45.1 ha, 5 to 10-degree slope farmland elevating from 1,260 m to 1,600 m altitude

。Mei-Feng headquarter is located between Mei-Feng and Yuan-Feng. The headquarter covers a 623.4 ha, 15 to 30-degree slope farmland and forest mix elevating from 1,700 m alt. to 2,700 m alt..



Most flat and slow-slope lands in Chung-Yang Farm and Mei-Feng Headquarter are utilized for cultivation. Both sites can be conveniently reached by Route Tai-14 and Route Tai-14A. Chun-Yean farm is bordered by Route Tai-14 and Mei-Feng Headquarter is penetrated by Route Tai-14A. The northeast border of Mei-Feng Headquarter is 16 km or 40 minutes on drive away from Hohuan Mountain and another 10 km from Da-Yu Ling where Route Tai-14A meets Route Tai-8. The southwest border, adjacent to Cing-Jing Farm, is 17 km or 30 minutes on drive from Wu-She where Route Tai-14A meets Route Tai-14. Chun-Yang Farm is 4 km northeast away from Wu-She and 5 km away from Lu-Shan Springs from the other direction.

Currnet status and Facility


Truwan Sanctuary is located in Truwan on the southern bank of Thuoshuei River and adjacent to Wan-Da Reservoir. The entire area is covered with natural vegetations. Apart from the walking path of Taiwan Electric Company, no human-made structure within the region and transpassing is restricted.

Chun-Yang Farm is located on Chun-Yang Village in Ren-Ai Township or at Mark 83.5 K on Route Tai-14. Elevation of the farm ranges from 1,260 m to 1600 m altitude. Annual temperature averages at 18 ℃. The total acreage of 44 ha land includes a 30 ha mix of secondary forest and two-leaf pines plantations. The rest of the farm is cultivated farmland and is currently producing nursery plants and plug seedlings of cabbage, sweet pepper, celery, and lettuce. Chun-Yang Farm also produces tomatoes, strawberry and herbaceous ornamental plants in greenhouses. A fern garden, an aquatic plants collection, and an orchid garden are also open for teaching and researching purposes. Abundant wildlife can be observed within the territories day and night. Chun-Yang Farm is the ultimate destination for experiencing various nature and modern farming activities.

Mei-Feng Headquarter : The 623.4 ha territory of the Mei-Feng Headquarter includes 100 ha of cultivated land, in which 60 ha land area used to produce cabbages had been restored to forests by replanting local primitive trees such as mixed Taiwan alders, Chinese cork oaks, green maples, Taiwan red maples, Taiwan loquats, Taiwania, and Taiwan red cypress. The farm also includes 400 ha of previously grassland in which 120 ha land area has grown into a secondary forest with Taiwan alders, Japanese evodia, Kawakami hornbeam, and Chinese cork oaks. Another 150 ha of the grassland are located at 2500 m altitude with abundant red-hair azaleas that provide spectacular scenery. The rest of the territory is occupied by natural forests which spread into Yuan-Feng, Sin-Ren-Gang, San-Jiao-Feng, and Mei-Feng mountains. More than 80 woody plant species such as Mori oak, few-fruited pittosporum, Taiwan loquat, Taiwan diplofatsia, long-leaf evergreen chinkapin, Kawakami tanoak, red nanmu, Formosan michelia, Nantou actinodaphne, Taiwan yew, Taiwan plumyew, Taiwan dendropanax, and other endangered plant species have been recorded in this regions.