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Highland Experimental Farm N.T.U.


Due to the vast mountain ranges that the farm covers, there are three types of climate from low to high elevation, which includes sub-tropical climate, temperate climate and subarctic climate. The Truwan area and Chun-Yang sub-farm are subtropical climate. The Mei-Feng Headquarter includes temperate climate and subarctic climate. In Mei-Feng Headquarter, annual temperature averages is 13.7 ℃, with 25.3 ℃ maximum and 12.5 ℃ minimum in July, and 13.0℃ maximum and 2.5 ℃ minimum in January. Annual precipitation is close to 3,200 mm. The rainy season is from February to August. The dry season is from September to January of the following year. Wet seasons and dry seasons are distinct in the farm.

Reference website : Central Weather Bureau

2015-2018 temp

2015-2018 rain