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Highland Experimental Farm N.T.U.

Ecotour Camp

You are invited to enjoy the ecology of our beautiful farm and mountain forest. Get ready to join us for this wonderful experience. Come and relax in the beauty of nature.mffarm

II. 3-Day Tour

Mountain Hohuan Tour (2 nights/6 meals). Besides gorgeous farm scenery and guided ecology tour, special trip led by experts on the 2nd day for you to explore the famous Mountain Hohuan.

I. 2-Day Tour

1. Forest GOGO Tour (1 Night/2 Meals). Enjoy the relaxing phytoncide and beautiful gardening flowers produced and grown from our multi-function farms. Schedule to start from afternoon and dismiss at noon of the next day.
2. Field Fun Tour (1 Night/2 Meals). Experience a day of real farm life; you pick your own flowers and vegetables. Schedule to start from afternoon and dismiss at noon of the next day.
3. Chun-Yang Sub-farm Tour (1 nights/2 meals). Learning about horticulture and plants of low sea-level areas.
4. Viho’le in mountains, San Jiao Feng Tour (1 nights/2 meals). Viho’le means wind in aboriginal language, Seediq. Walk on the handmade trail surrounded by verdant foliage in San Jiao Feng, and observe butterflies, birds,and plants. In addition, we will visit some exhibition rooms to know how wild lives are effected by nature more deeply.

III. 1-Day Tour

Green Nature Tour. Half-day Mei-Fang Farm guided tour and flower picking experience.

IV. Special Tour (1 night/3 meals)

Various conference packages with guided tours of nature and forest custom designed for companies and groups to relax and enjoy our educational ecology camp activities.


Please contact us by mail or by phone for detail information, we are here to serve you. 
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Phone: 886-49-2803891 
NTU Highland Experimental Farm welcomes you to visit .